Selected Assignments
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Twenty years ago, six girls lit up a troubled Brooklyn block… "Jump Rope Girls, 20 Years On," The New York Times
[Includes "Back on the Block," a Times video about
Susan Hartman's relationship with the girls.]
A dozen Ghanaian live-in aides - all from the Bronx - unite through a prayer call… "Solace on the Line,"
a photo essay with Todd Heisler, The New York Times
Click here for Times video
A group of Brooklyn girls puts their energy -
and bits of their lives - into a sidewalk game, 'Cheers'
… "It's Not Rap, Give a Clap, Call It 'Cheers'," The New York Times
A 12-year-old Belfast boy gets a break from summer violence… "Hospitality Sweet," Newsday
Vivian Cherry, an almost 90-year-old street photographer, still gets excited shooting the city's streets…"A New York Street Photographer Keeps On Clicking," The Christian Science Monitor A New Yorker remembers her Cuban Jewish girlhood before Castro's revolution… "'Cuba Is Never Far'," Newsday
Doctors and teachers, cops and cameramen -
all in the early stages of Alzheimer's - gather
to help each other cope…
"Finding the Way,"
Welcome to the basement studio and living quarters of Haitian artist, Ury Domond…
"From the village to the big city: A Haitian artist in Manhattan," The Christian Science Monitor
A rabbi takes her place in an unbroken chain of ancestors that goes back 300 years…"The Family Line," Newsday
Turning the tables:  Four veteran bartenders tell their personal stories… "True Tales On Tap," Newsday
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